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When Time Runs Over You

When Time Runs Over You - Vincent Thomas

I am not very good with computers, I confess. Of course, I know the basics. I can write something, send an e-mail, make a spreadsheet, and buy something online. I store my digital photos, read the latest news and sometimes I listen to the music. And, of course, I surf. It is not that hard after all.

Still, sometimes I have this feeling that my five-year-old daughter is more familiar with the computer than I am. I doesn't make me sad. I find it normal. I remember a time when I was ten years old, and my parents bought our first VCR. My children would probably ask me now what a VCR is. To them it's ancient history. Sometimes it is for me, too.

So, my parents brought home this box. We plugged it in the electricity and the TV, and we started reading the manual. We all learned the basics, but I remember very well that even after a while, my parents would call me to set VCR when they wanted something to be recorded later. They simply could not catch those nuances and I kept thinking how stupid it was; I mean; it was so easy to do.

Life goes on, and I turned into my parents. Today I call my son when I do not understand something having to do with the computer. For example, a few days ago I needed some information. I went to Google, type “restaurants” and got such a mess. It listed me explanations about what a restaurant is, list of the world´s best restaurants, some games and so many things I did not need.

So, I called my son. I just needed to find some good restaurant near our home in Montreal, and there was nothing about it in my search. My son laughed and explained me how search engines work. To show me, he typed Montreal SEO, and it listed a Wikipedia page, Montreal Canadiens, the weather report, Montreal Zoo page, and so much information I did not need.

The next instance he typed “Montreal restaurants," and then we got something. I still needed some time to find what I was looking for, but this time it was much easier and faster. Now I laugh at myself. I guess my son was thinking about my lack of knowledge same way I used to think about my parents every time when I had to set VCR. I realized there is so much to learn about computers if I want to avoid such embarrassing situations.


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