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When I did my taxes for the past year, I wanted to attach the receipts for my medical expenses that I had from abroad. Unfortunately that was not possible. First of all, I have been told that they would not be accepted because they were in a foreign currency and that the government doesn’t pay for medical expenses that had occurred abroad.

Secondly, I have been asked to submit a claim to the Ministry of Health, to the Ottawa branch office and attach a copy of all my documents and receipts translated into English. When I saw that my medical file contained close to sixty pages and had around twenty receipts, I realized I couldn’t have it translated. I would have had to pay a fortune to translate all those pages and receipts! 

And even if I would have done it, I had no guarantee that I would be reimbursed by Ontario Health. It all seemed pointless.

Thirdly, during the move, some of my files were misplaced and I wasn’t able to find this specific file on time. Since I could not give it to the accountant that did my income tax return, I just dropped it. 

My wife told me to forget about it and be happy that I had fixed some of my health issues. She added that I was luckier than most of the people here, who have to wait for months until being scheduled to an MRI or seeing a specialist. I had the chance to do all the medical exams I needed to do. I had been seen by eight specialists and I was required to do all sorts of investigations. 

Yes, I did have to pay for everything but at least I have them done. Now I know what I am dealing with, I know what I am fighting and the most important, I learnt how to do it. Not knowing what was wrong with me was like living under a black cloud. I was worried that I might be having a fatal disease or something that would make me end up in a wheelchair. Living with that stress on a daily basis was making me feel worse. It was aggravating the symptoms of my illness. 

Anyway, I hope I won’t have any other additional expenses during this year, medical or not. That’s all for today’s post. I have to run now buy some Cables Connectors Ontario.


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