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The robbery

The robbery - Vincent Thomas

A month ago, my mother in law has been robbed. She forgot to close her backdoor before leaving the house. When she came back from her one week trip in the Laurentides, she discovered that she had a few things missing. She was convinced that she had locked her doors, though she did mention that her memory plays trick on her once in a way. 

She had been relying on her memory other times as well, when the reality was totally different that what she was saying.

Seeing that her house has been broken into, she called the police right away. It took about an hour for an officer to show up at the scene. She was worried to go in all by herself. As soon as opened the front door and saw the living room looked as if a tornado passed by, she ran outside and locked herself into her car. She felt scared and she did not want to take any chance of running into the robbers. 

At that moment, she had no idea if there was someone in the house or when the robbery had happened. She could not rely on her neighbours for getting more information, because she knew only one of them, who was out of the country for  a few months. 

Later on, the police officers went around and talked with the neighbours, inquiring if they had seen anything unusual during the past six days. None of them saw or heard a thing. They were all shocked to hear that the next door house got robbed.

As a result of this misfortunate incident, my husband decided to install a alarm system for her house and one for us. He had been planning to get one for couple of months and could not decide which company to choose from. 

As I’m typing in here, he is actually getting information on a few systems, reading reviews, checking out the overall rating, the service and support, the security and control offered. He says he want to take an informed decision. He has been also asking for some quotes from different companies offering these high-tech solutions. From what I have seen, some systems can turn your house into a smart home, controlling every light, appliance or compatible gadget. 

You’d be surprised to see how many people opt for this type of systems, simply because they love the convenience they offer.


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