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Summer storm

Summer storm - Vincent Thomas

Today I was so happy to see the sun shining bright up in the sky. After five consecutive days of endless rain, I thought we were going back to winter. That somehow we skipped spring and summer just to be miserable and cold again. Can you believe that we are almost mid April and there are still piles of snow outside?

Yes, the warm temperature today helped a lot reducing their size and having them melt. This morning I had to go to Canadian Tire to get a rack for my wife. When I came out of the store, while I was heading towards my car, I saw that on the left side of the parking lot a hill of snow. The reminiscence of last snowstorm at the end of March. It’s hard to process such an image of dirty snow, while you are wearing a t-shirt.

Later on in the afternoon I went to pick up some Outdoor curtains longueuil. On my way back home I got stuck in traffic for almost a half an hour. There was an accident on the highway which caused a thirty minutes delay. I knew that I should have not taken the Victoria bridge at that hour!

Anyway, being stuck on the road allowed me to make some calls. I called my sister, my mom and two of my friends. Once I was close to home it started to rain. Right before stepping out of the car, I remembered that I had to get some bottles for my wine. My friend had mentioned that the SAQ guys were leaving boxes of bottles next to the recycle bin in the Super C parking lot. 

Therefore I started the engine and drove to Super C.

By the time I got there, the rain turned quickly into a summer storm with strong winds. I was about to park my car, when I saw a big plastic garbage bin being lifted up by the wind. It flew in the air for about fifteen meters, than it fell down and everything came out. 

Initially I thought it was empty and that’s why it was easily lifted by the wind. But when I realized it was full, I changed my mind about leaving the car. 

I looked around to ensure there were no other objects projected in the air by the wind, and parked closer to the entrance. Luckily there were no empty carts around. 

While I was sitting in my car, waiting for the storm to calm down a bit, I noted that two women ventured outside of the groceries shop. They were trying to keep their balance and walk, but the wind was incredibly strong. Their bags were pulling them in front, back and on the sides. After a few meters, they decided they had to go back to the store and take shelter.


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