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Strange family ties

Strange family ties - Vincent Thomas

Ever since I left my country and established myself in Canada, I felt somehow uprooted. Not because I could not adapt or I had to learn French. No! I had no such issues! I imagine that this feeling was due to the fact that I was missing my family. 

Though the time and distance made our relationship turn a bit cold. Throughout the years, whenever I contacted them, I felt less interest or enthusiasm on their part regarding my personal life. I did not complain about it. I let it go as if it was not a big deal.

I did not even mention it to my wife. Not until recently, when I lost my brother. I found about it while I was visiting a Montreal storage company. 

Can you believe that I found out about his death after his funeral? One of my classmates told me. My own family neglected to mention it to me, as if it did not concerned me, or I was a sort of stranger to them.

To be honest, I did everything in my powers to help them. Each season I sent them either parcels, gifts, money, etc. I even paid for some weddings or parties I never attended. I did not mind because family meant something for me. I did not expect anything in return. If I was able to help someone, I would have done it without a second thought. 

Within the past five years, I noted that each time I called them either it was on the phone, via Skype, Whatsapp, Viber or Facebook, they were excited to talk to me for about two three minutes, then they would lose interest. One by one, all my family members gave me the impression they had something better to do than talking with me. 

Don’t imagine that I am the type of person that would share my burden or ask for help or any favours! Or that I was so self-concerned that I never inquired about the things going on on their lives! On the contrary! I know all of their issues, I supported them, encouraged them and talked about it whenever they needed my help. I was there for every single one of them!

The only person that would remember me once in a blue moon is my niece. She is the one who told me bluntly what was going on. She said that my family considered I had no problems. Unlike them, I was happy with who I was and what I had done with my life. I wasn’t concerned too much about materialistic things and I was not interested in gossiping. That being sad, there was not much left to talk about. My lifestyle and my beliefs were different than theirs.


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