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Simon’s promotion

Simon’s promotion - Vincent Thomas

Yesterday evening we went out with two of our friends. Since it was Wednesday, we went for dinner at Ottavio. We love the mussels there. Monday to Wednesday they have the all you can eat mussels. My wife and I like to go eat there once a month, if not at least once in two months.

I am addicted to their Diable and Thai mussels dishes. Yum! If you did not try it so far, you ought to... I can honestly say that at Ottavio they do the best mussels in Montreal!

While we were having dinner, I learnt from our friends that they were looking to find the correct access control GTA. My wife had no idea what they meant by that. I had to explain to her that they talking about home automation. 

Jane and Simon mentioned that they were looking at three systems that fit the area of their home and had similar features. The only difference between them was the price. As I was listening to them presenting all the arguments for their next purchase, I realized that I was interested as well in getting one. Though I had to get my wife on board first. I needed to convince her that we needed a home access system.

Knowing that she has a habit of rejecting any spontaneous suggestion, I told to myself that I had to give her some time to get used to the idea. Meanwhile, I could get more informed and present her slowly some of features which I considered amazing. I encouraged our friends to chose a model faster and to let us know if they were satisfied or not with their purchase. 

I imagined that If her best friend would tell her the same thing as me, then she would be more easily convinced that it was a good idea to get one. 

Among other things we discussed during dinner, I found out that Simon had finally got the promotion he was waiting for. He had applied more than six months ago for a managerial position within his company. Since so many months passed and nothing happened, as the H.R. department never mentioned anything about it, he was almost convinced that they would not chose him. He had lost any hope for that to happen. When he was asked to present himself in the office of the vice-president of H.R., he did not know what to expect. He even worried that he would get fired or laid off. He was thrilled to hear that they had decided to give the position to him.


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