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The rodent

The rodent - Vincent Thomas

After I spent about two hours trying to cover the holes in the floor made by mice, I felt exhausted. Going up and down, bending, standing on my knees, made me feel drained of energy. I got old!

When my wife told me that she had seen a mouse in the kitchen, I imagined that the poor animal might have accidentally came in from the balcony. 

There was a hole in the net which was never fixed. For that reason, I never left the door opened during summer, otherwise I would have got mosquitoes coming in. Though, within the past month, we have kept it opened, even during the night. I was sure that’s how the rodent came in, sneaking through that hole, attracted by the smell of delicious baked goods, laid out on the stove and table to cool down.

I had no idea that under the long old heaters there were so many places for the mouse to go in and out. It looked as if there was an entire gallery of tunnels underneath the floor. 

Under each heater, I discovered at least two holes. In the kitchen, there were five holes on the floor. I stuffed steel cotton in all of them, then I sealed the holes by using a mix of cement and paste. 

Once I installed back the heaters, I placed under each one two sticky traps for mice. I was convinced that all of this work will be enough to prevent the rodents from coming back into the house. Later in the night, my wife came to tell me that she had seen a mouse in her room.

I finished reading an article on conditioning classes Mississauga and headed upstairs.

Apparently it came from her dressing. While she was scolding me for not calling an exterminator, I was thinking that I never checked her dressing. Nor any of the other dressings. When I went to inspect her room, I saw that there was a small hole on left wall of her dressing. It looked like it had been patched before and recently opened.

That sneaky little mouse must have figured out I was trying to get him and found new ways to come in, avoiding the traps. I sealed the hole and went to look thoroughly through the other closets for any trace of rodents. Luckily, I did not find any other holes through the house.


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