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The plumber

The plumber - Vincent Thomas

Last weekend I took a short trip to Montreal. My sister was christening her daughter and I did not want to miss the event. Since I was too tired to drive and they were announcing a snow storm, I decided to fly there. My Connect Miles points were expiring soon, thus I thought of converting them into a roundtrip ticket.

After spending fifteen minutes online trying to book my flight, I called the airline and spoke with an agent. He helped me do all the things I needed done in less than ten minutes. I am not too computer or Internet savvy. You probably noticed it by now.

On Saturday morning, I woke up early and headed towards the airport by taxi. I grabbed a coffee and a bagel once I passed the checking point. I had around fifty minutes to kill before boarding into the airplane.

Generally when I am flying, I like to read. I always carry a book with me. I love reading while waiting to board or during the flight. It saves me from having unwanted or even awkward conversations or chats with other passengers. I keep my eyes in the book, immersing myself in the reading, disconnecting from the surroundings.

One time, I almost lost the flight because I was too focused on the book. Luckily, one of the airline boarding agents saw me and invited me to hurry up. I was the last person to board on that plane. The flight attendants were about to close the door and prepare for takeoff. They had been calling my name, but I could not hear because of my headsets.

This time I didn't bring anything to read given that it was a real short flight. While I was waiting near the gate, I tried something new. Instead of reading, I spent the time looking at the other passengers. Among those staying in the row behind me, I recognized a face. It was one of the two plumbers who repaired my son’s kitchen’s sinks. Although I had chatted with him and his colleague for a while, I could not remember his name.

He noted that I was looking in his direction and nodded his head. I wondered if he recognized me as well or he was just polite. Anyway, it did not matter. It was not like I needed someone doing Plumber Mississauga to come and fix stuff for me. I had my old buddy Clark who was taking care of all that.


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