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The Old House

The Old House - Vincent Thomas

My mom has lived in this absolutely ancient house for practically her whole life now. She absolutely loves the place as there is plenty of sentimentality attached to it, but there are more than a few issues that she has never rectified. This was either due to stubbornness or for the simple fact that she doesn’t even realise that there is a problem to be fixed.

The major one for me is the asbestos used in the loft. Today we all know that asbestos can cause mesothelioma if one spends too much time breathing in the fibres. I know that my mom has spent a lot of time in that loft over the years. It got me to thinking so I picked up an air quality testing kit to see if I could find out if any of the fibres have actually escaped into the air.

The results from my air quality testing kit were not exactly encouraging, as it indicated that anybody who goes near that loft is going to be breathing in the fibres. That means my mom has been breathing them for decades. Of course, she is still fairly stubborn about it all and she reckons that my kit must have been defective, seeing as it’s never caused her any problems.

My only resort now is to bring in the professionals to carry out some air quality testing for me. She will never listen to me but if there is someone with a little bit more authority telling her that something's wrong, I would like to think that she would take heed of their advice on get the asbestos removed. There is a selfish element at play here as well, as I take my kids around to the house on a fairly regular basis and I don’t want to put them in a situation that could lead to harm further on down the line.

I’ve checked out a few companies that can do air quality testing Montreal online and I think I can convince my mom to give them a try. I’m more than happy to pay for everything, including the removal of the asbestos if required, as my main concern is ensuring that the old house is a safe environment for everybody that enters it. After all, just because the fibres haven’t hurt her yet, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.


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