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A new driveway

A new driveway - Vincent Thomas

In the beginning of the summer, I was thinking to follow my neighbour's example, and redo my driveway. I really liked the way his new driveway looked. Compared to my old one, it looked fancy. He had it done within two days.

The guys who worked on this project had done a really great job. They finished the job quite fast. I tried to remember the name of their company, but I couldn't.

Then I thought of simply asking my neighbour. Although we live here for couple of years now, we never had a proper conversation. We never went over than the daily "Hi!" and "Bye". The biggest exchange we had been "Good morning! What beautiful day! How are you?" and him, nodding his head, while getting into his car. Nothing else. Nothing more.

I have tried other times to greet him, but I never got more than a nod or a polite wave.

Somehow, it seemed odd to me now to knock on his door, and ask him the name of the constructor. I thought he might not even open the door.

My wife told me that I am overreacting. That I am acting like a child. I replied saying that there were plenty of asphalt contractors Edmonton that I could choose from.

Therefore, I went on my computer and looked for some asphalt contractors on Google. When the page opened, I was surprised to see there were so many of them. I imagined that it must have been a competitive business, given the numbers of companies offering the same type of services.

I wrote down some phone numbers and I started to call. The first one I called was located downtown. It was busy. I called the second number. The person who answered the phone asked me what the size of my driveway was. I admitted that it totally slipped my mind.

He added that he wouldn't not be able to give an estimate over the phone. He instructed me on how to take the measurements for the driveway and advised me to go on the company's website.

After I hanged up the phone, I went to the garage to search for the measuring tape. It took me twenty minutes to find it. That was mainly because my wife cleaned the garage.  I took the measurements and returned to the house.  Two minutes later I was in front of the laptop, looking at the estimate. They were charging around three thousand dollars for the type of pavement that I wanted. I was expecting a lower price. 


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