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On my way to Istanbul

Here I am, standing in the airport, waiting to board. This time I am heading to Istanbul. I have always been fascinated by this city’s history and by the fact it spreads onto continents. The Bosphorus river separates the European side from the Asian one. 

I have been there more than twenty years ago, on a family vacation with my parents and my brother. I am sure that things must have changed a lot more since then. I am so excited about this vacation. To be honest, I will tell you that I had my bags packed from more than two weeks ago. I was anxious to go on a new adventure.

The past two years I had not travelled abroad because I was saving. That does not mean I had no vacation for two years. Oh, no! I just spent my three weeks of vacation within Canada. I had been to Vancouver and Calgary within the first year. On the second I went East. I travelled all the way to Prince Edward Island. I also went to Halifax. Oh, how I loved the clam chowders they served in there! 

This morning when I went to work( this being my last working day before my vacation) I did not have much left to do. All I needed was to do was to sign a cheque for the company of Display manufacturing Montreal that designed our stands and displays at the latest show. Other than that, nothing really important. It seemed already like a day off, since I had time to chat with my colleagues. 

Usually I barely have time to have a coffee. On a normal day of work, I would take my coffee from the cafeteria at 8:30 A.M. and I start drinking it only around noon, right before my lunch break. Since my colleague left, my workload doubled. The company is still looking for someone to replace him. They had been advertising the position for more than three months. 

The Human Resources ladies mentioned to me that they received lots of resumes, but none of them was actually a good fit. For the period that I will be gone in vacation, they hired a temp to do some of my work. I am sure that when I come back it will be a chaos. But, I prefer not to think about it right now. I have two continents to discover Istanbul!


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