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My parents and new technologies

My parents and new technologies - Vincent Thomas

Each Sunday around 11AM I call my parents on Skype. It’s a habit I started ten years ago when I left my home country. Thank God for Skype, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to see them and know how they were doing.

A decade ago, calling abroad was costly. I was able to call them for a few minutes and most of the times the connection was horrible. When I decided to have Internet installed at their house, it was a hassle. Back then, there was only one Internet service provider in their area. It offered small broadband at a ridiculous price. But that did not matter. I had it installed because I had to communicate with my family.

Once the Internet problem was solved, I had to teach my parents how to use a computer and how to access the Internet. Can you believe that I wrote down everything for them, all the instructions they need to follow, step by step.

In addition, I had to explain in my guide each little notion such as how to do a right click on the mouse, how to do a click on the Skype icon in order to have it opened, or how to type the username and the password.

Later on, we moved to more advanced stuff like emails and sending photos and files via Skype or e-mail. It took me a lot of time and patience to write down everything, but the final result was worth. My parents learnt easily how to master a computer. I am so proud of them!

Ten years later, I can even dare to call them tech savvy. Among their circle of friends, they are the ones installing new updates or configuring software for everyone. I was so amused to see how they friends were relying on their computer/ Internet knowledge.

Now thanks to development of technology and apps like Viber and WhatsApp, you can call anyone anywhere. Distance is no longer a problem, as long as the other person has a smart phone. My mom calls me daily now.

Last year my niece decided to do her Bachelor degree in Montreal. I was thrilled to hear that she had chosen my city. I helped her with everything she needed from filling up the visa forms to getting installed in my guest house. Two weeks ago she revealed to me that her boyfriend proposed to her and they were getting married next year.

The fact that they did not have an exact date yet, was giving me a larger window to bring my parents here. Also the future bride and groom had enough time to find an Reception room rental Montreal or Laval, wherever they wished. I am saying Laval because the groom is from Laval. 


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