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Mr. Forgetful

Mr. Forgetful - Vincent Thomas

Yesterday I lost my cell phone again. I did not notice my phone was missing until this morning when I wanted to call one of my friends. I had no idea where it was, nor where or when I had used it last. I am afraid that my MS is progressing faster than before. My memory gets poorer by the day. Within the past three months I lost my phone three times and my keys twice.

Each time that happened I was clueless. I am forgetting more and more things and it is getting me worried. One day I will forget my own name! My wife and I, we joke about this, but I have to admit that I am scared about this perspective. I think everyone would be.

When I realized my phone was nowhere to be seen, I reached the conclusion I had lost it once more. I had looked for it everywhere. I checked the entire house, all the places where I sat since I returned home from shopping. I checked the car to ensure I did not drop it somewhere between the front chairs, or placed it in the trunk when I put the bags there. I looked on the driveway also, thinking that I might have dropped it on the way to the house.

Seeing that it was gone, I tried to retrace my itinerary. I knew that I had the phone when I left the house, because I remembered putting it to charge in the car. Then I went to the mall and I was convinced I had it on my hand when I entered Old Navy to look for a pair for shorts. I was not sure if I had it still when I went to the grocery store. I couldn’t remember.

On my way back home, I passed by the technician of home automation system GTA and dropped some papers. That was a quick stop. In and out. Once I reached home, I went straight to the kitchen with the grocery bags and unloaded everything on one of the counters.

After diner, I watched a movie and went to bed. Given that the following day was a Saturday, I did not have to put an alarm on my phone. Therefore, no need to look for it. Only this morning, it hit me that I might have lost it. Luckily my wife had the inspiration to call the shops that entered and asked if they had found an old Blackberry phone the previous day. The Old Navy customer agent that my wife spoke with, told her they had my phone and I could pass by and pick it up. I am Mr. Forgetful, alright!


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