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The missing passenger

The missing passenger - Vincent Thomas

Last night my brother in law was supposed to come over. He lives in Toronto. He called me a few days ago saying that he needed to come to Montreal in order to renew his driver's license. Don’t ask me why he lives in Ontario and still has a Quebec driver’s license, because I won’t be able to answer your question. I have asked him this a few times and he simply replied: “ Why not?” Anyway, the point is that I was expecting him last night and he did not show up. 

Yesterday, earlier during the day, I have received an email from him. It had his bus reservation. He had forwarded to me, in order for me to know at what time to pick him up at Berri UQAM bus station. His bus was supposed to get there around 2:00 AM.

It doesn’t matter to me that I had to pick him up so early. I knew he was a night bird. That is totally his style. I don’t think he ever reached Montreal during the day or at a decent hour. No! It was always during the night. Lately that was mainly because of his work. But prior to that was because he never wakes up early. His day used to start around 2 P.M., when I was already tired and fed up with work.

Last night, I preferred staying up until his arrival, instead of going to bed early and waking up again. I thought I would feel more tired if I sleeted for few hours and woke again in the middle of the night. I feared that I would not be able to fall asleep again. Thus, after the kids went to sleep around 9 P.M., I watched an old movie and some TV shows. 

Around 1:30 AM, I got ready to leave. When I got to the bus station, I had to wait fifteen minutes until the bus arrived. To my surprise, my brother in law was not in that bus. I called him on his cell phone, inquiring about his whereabouts. 

I was so annoyed to hear that he was home and he never got into any bus. Apparently he had an emergency, a car rental Toronto, because he couldn’t make it on time for the bus. I got really upset and told him that he could have told me that information earlier. I would not have had to stay up late and drive all the way downtown for him. I wasted my time for nothing.

He mumbled a fake excuse, but that was not enough.


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