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The loan

The loan - Vincent Thomas

Two days ago when my daughter showed up at my door saying she needed help, I took her in no questions asked. It was passed 3AM when I heard someone walking on my porch and knocking on my door. My first instinct was to call the cops. Within the past thirty years, I had no one going around the house, bothering me at this late hour in the night. Being an old woman and living alone made me be more suspicious than normal.

When I heard the knocks on the door, I got off the bed, grabbed the baseball bat my grandson gave me as a birthday present, and headed downstairs. I did not turn on the lights. I walked slowly and carefully, holding with one hand on the stairs’ baluster. I knew every single inch of my house and I was able to walk in the dark without any problem. Over forty years in the army provided me more than enough experience of tip toeing..

While I was getting closer to the door, I was able to hear that the person outside was sobbing. I listened quietly for another few seconds and realized it was a woman. Only then I turned on the front door lights on, I saw it was my daughter. My long gone daughter, whom I had not seen in years.

During her teenage years, our relationship was pretty intense. She used to reproach me that I was too tough on her or that I was mistakenly taking the house for my army camp. We had so many episodes when she did not wish to have anything at all with me.

Once I heard her saying to her friends that she was adopted and she was hoping that one day she’d meet her biological mother. That silly comment made me weep for days and months. As much as I tried to improve our relationship, I always ended up failing. But I kept on trying on and on. Even when she moved out, I did not give up on her. I always tried to do my best in keeping her on track.

While I was doing the laundry this morning, something fell out from the pocket of her sweater. It was a receipt from a private loan montreal company. The first thing that came to my mind was that she was using drugs and borrowed money for it. I froze. I went to her bedroom to ask her about it, but she was not there. Se had gone out, only God know where.


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