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The lie

The lie - Vincent Thomas

What’s the purpose of calling someone a friend if he never acts like one or he is not truthful to you? In my opinion, friends are supposed to help each other. All my life I have been very supportive of my friends. Countless times I went out of my way, just to help family or friends. It’s true that I did not expect anything in return. I did it because I wanted to see them happy. I wished them to move forward and leave behind the hard times. Also, I never spoke bad of my friends and I did not allow anyone to do so. 

Yesterday, while I was having a conversation over lunch with one of my clients, I saw a good friend of mine walking down the street. This was the one who had told me on the phone one day ago that he was out of the country for an extra week. It felt awkward seeing him in the city. I started to ask myself why did he feel like he had to lie to me? He could have simply told me that he had no time to see me and that was it. 

While my eyes were following him, I continued to talk with my client about his investment. He was convinced that buying a shop doing Winter curtains longueuil would bring him a steady income. A few moments later, I noted that my friend had left the terrace where he sat and he was headed back to the sidewalk. I assumed he was back on his way back to his car, which was nowhere to be seen. 

I was intrigued by his sudden appearance and unusual behavior. From where I was seated I was not able to see where was he going without turning my head around, which would have been disrespectful towards my client. Therefore, I stood up and asked my client to excuse me for two minutes. I motivated that I had just remembered I needed to make an urgent phone call.

So I left the table and crossed the restaurant’s terrace, walking towards the street. From there, I saw this friend again. He was talking to someone, a woman with long blond hair. 

When I was just about to ask myself if his wife changed her hair color, I realized that woman could not be his spouse. This blondie was tall as him, whereas his wife was only five feet and a half tall. When he hugged her, I suddenly understood his reason of telling me he was out of town and out of the country. He had a lover! I felt better knowing that this wasn’t about me!


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