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How Painful Molds Are

How Painful Molds Are - Vincent Thomas

I want to share my experience about mold. When I had the interaction initially, I was totally unaware of them and had to research much in order to know about various molds and fungi; the causes, the symptoms and mold removal. To my utter surprise, molds are also very harmful to health and might cause serious disease so you must try to be careful and avoid it to the fullest extent.

Though this article will not be able to explain everything in full detail, I want you to know some basics so you do not contract the diseases that I had contracted due to ignorance and unawareness.

I was new to Montreal and I had chosen to live near the mountain. I found a room in a house, but I was not satisfied. Moreover, I had financial constraints so I had no other option. The apartment was old with old woodwork and it wasn't tidy. Probably the ones living before me were untidy people.

It looked untidy but I never imagined that it was some living organism that was living with me, so silently, so unnoticeable. Therefore, I did not pay much attention to the dark spots in the room. There was one one thing I did notice: They were growing bigger each day. However, life continued but I would now remain ill. I had contracted some sort of allergy which I thought to be viral but after sometime, that converted into a broader infection the necessitated a visit to the doctor.

I was in pain and upon consulting the doctor, he immediately diagnosed that I had been in prolonged contact with fungus which had now turned worse. I was immediately given medication and told to clean my living quarters lest I suffer from toxic effects.

I was shocked. I did not know that the dark spots were actually the mold which I had been ignoring up till now and now I was faced with a rather severe health issue. I needed to contact the landlord immediately and told him that he must do something about this as this was a serious health hazard. Some company specializing in mold removal Montreal needed to be contacted so the house could be cleaned and the problem cured, or otherwise it would continue to spread and affect others as well.

I am sharing my story as a wrning to you to act before any mishap happens; and that you learn as much as possible about molds!


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