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The fence project

The fence project - Vincent Thomas

Now that the winter is almost gone, I will have to start taking care of my property. And by that, I mean I will need someone who does Fences longueuil, to take out my old halfway down fence and replace it with a new one.

I did not decide yet what type of fence I will put. I will need to have a look at Rona or Home Depot in order to check the prices for some of the green wood fence boards that I liked. The only problem is that I have no idea when that will happen. My schedule is very tight.

I have a feeling that I will end up not doing that and simply hire a company to do it for me. That also could work, if their estimate would not ask an arm and a leg...

Anyway, as long as I will have a fence by the end of May, my wife will be happy. If the wife is happy, then the whole house is in harmony.

One of my friends had mentioned to me, a long time ago, that he had built his own patio. I guess it would not hurt to give him a call. I could ask him if by any chance he was interested in my DIY project too.

When I checked for his phone number in my phone’s agenda, it was not there. Then I remembered that he had given us a business card.

I went to the kitchen and opened one of the drawers, where we keep a bunch of office supplies and additional stuff that didn’t find its own place. There, among packages of post-it, rechargeable batteries, some tubes of glue, headsets and paper clips, I had a zip lock bag filled with business cards.

It had been stayed untouched from the day we moved into the house. Once or twice I had the intention of taking it upstairs and either add the phone numbers to my contact list, or place the business cards in a small folder. Obviously, I did not perform any of the two.

I took the bag, opened it and looked through the pile of business cards for my friend’s name. When I finally found it and called the number, a female voice answered. I paused for a second then I asked to speak with Ivan. She has he was out of the office for the moment, and invited me to call again later. I told to myself that his business was probably doing well since he had an office and a secretary. Before it was a one man show. Now it had probably grown. I’ll call him back in a few hours.


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