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Beach day

Beach day - Vincent Thomas

I finally made it to the beach. I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. When I got to the beach and laid down on the towel, I could not believe that I was actually there. It felt so surreal! I missed staying in the sun, soaking and absorbing the heat, warming up my old bones. After this long winter, this hot day was a blessing. There’s no doubt about that!

Everyone around me on the beach was discussing about the unusual weather patterns that we have experienced within the past years. The climate has dramatically changed throughout the entire world. We are witnessing unusual or unseen meteorological phenomenons in areas where nothing ever happens.

I still can’t believe there’s tornados in Quebec! You’d expect to see those only in the United States, in Ohio, OKlahoma or maybe Florida, not so up North. Last year I remember I have read something about six tornadoes touching ground in Minnesota in the same time. Imagine that! While I was enjoying the heat and the warm breeze I remembered I had to send an email to my sister about the industrial patio heaters Quebec that I have to see. I was supposed to do that the previous day, but I had forgot about it.

Thus I took out my phone from the pocket of my backpack and looked for their contact information, thinking that I would be able to forward it to my sister. By the time I found the proper number, my phone battery was almost dying, as I had neglected to charge my phone in the morning.

As soon as I hit the send button and saw my email being sent, my phone turned off. I could not use it until I reached home because I did not have a charger in my car. Anyway, it was not a big thing, because I did not have too many missed calls for the day.

Most of the calls I had were not work related, which was fine. When I got home and charged my phone a few minutes, I checked to see if my message was sent. It was a good thing that I checked because it hadn’t gone.

I resent it and as soon I did it, I called my sister to let her know why it took so long to give her the phone numbers she needed. She only picked up the call after six rings which was unusual.


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