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The barbecue invitation

The barbecue invitation - Vincent Thomas

When I met one of my former classmates that I have not seen since the graduation day, I was really excited about it. I was even more happier when he invited me over for a barbecue at his place. I looked forward to meeting up again, I counted the days until Saturday when we were supposed to hook up again.

I cleared my whole evening, thinking that we had a lot of catching up to do. Given we didn’t see each other for over two decades, I imagined that he was sharing the same enthusiasm as me. 

I believed that we would spend the evening catching up and rewinding all memories, talking about all the crazy things we used to do when we were in school.

While I was on my way to his place, I remembered he used to like brandy. Thus, I stopped at a liquor store and got his a bottle of his favourite brandy. I also got a six pack of beer for me. Before arriving to his place, the address he had texted me, I looked around the neighbourhood. It was a fancy neighbourhood in the suburbs. None of the houses in there was under half of million dollars. 

Two minutes later, my GPS informed me that I had finally reached my destination. I parked my car on the street, as there was no space on his driveway. There were already four cars parked in there. For a second or two, I doubted that I was at the right place. I took out my phone and checked the address again. It was accurate. 

I replayed in my mind the short conversation I had with my classmate. I didn’t remember him saying anything about having friends or other people for the barbecue. I thought that we’d be alone, or only me and his family. Anyway, it did not matter. I was enthusiastic about getting together, meeting his family.

I grabbed my present for him and I headed towards the main door. I rang the bell and waited for someone to open the door. A minute later, he showed up and invited me in. We hugged and walked towards the patio, where there were around six adults and two children, all seated at a table.

He did the presentations and invited me to have a seat. His wife offered me a drink and we had small chat. Other than that, the whole evening I listened to them talking about mortgage bad credit and other topics related to their jobs. I tried to converse with him and some of the other invitees, but they had their inside jokes. Because I felt left out, after one hour  I invoked a silly excuse and left.


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