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Another late morning

Another late morning - Vincent Thomas

This morning I was supposed to wake up earlier than usual and go meet with a possible client that my brother had talked to me about. Obviously that I missed my alarm and woke up later on.

My wife who was up early, she neglected to let me know it was late when she left the house.

Generally we don’t disturb each in the morning. Years back we decided to sleep in different bedrooms just for this reason. She is a morning person, while I am a nightbird.

She was fed up of me watching TV until late in the night, while I was annoyed with her roaming through the room in the morning. Thus, instead of disturbing each other and getting mad, we agreed to respect our sleep and have separate bedrooms.

I think this was the wisest thing we ever done for ourselves. Ever since that, we never fought over anything. I mean it! We did not have any other argument. I guess the secret of a happy marriage is to give your partner enough space and let him or her sleep well.

To get back to my story, I reached the office one hour later than I would have wished. I was lucky that the person I had to meet was late as well. He arrived after me, which prevented me from creating a bad impression.

After the meeting, I called my brother and thanked him for putting me in contact with my newest client. That’s when he started to talk to me about access control system installation. Since I did not have a lot of time before my next meeting, I had to cut him short. I proposed to him to tell me more about it one of these days when we will meet up for lunch.

Usually we go out for lunch once a week. Or when our schedules are too busy, we try to hang out during the week-end, have a barbecue together or go out for a drink. My wife and him are not the best of friends. They never seemed to see things the same way. Although they never fought, I sensed there was a certain animosity between them. I don’t know the reason and neither do they.

I guess it’s one of those situations when you dislike a person from the first moment you see him or her. Throughout time, I hoped that they will be fine once they will get to know each other better.


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