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And I got My Home Back

And I got My Home Back - Vincent Thomas

Our family used to live in a big house near sea when we were kids. I used to love the place because we used to have a lot of fun in the sea side area. We are five siblings and are quite attached with each other. The sole reason behind our ever increasing love was that house and the fun we used to have there.

Over a period of time, my father’s business suffered a massive financial crisis. He couldn’t pay the loans of some of his creditors and the business went bankrupt. He couldn’t pay the amount even after selling his two other properties located in the city. Finally, he chose to take that action which we were dreading the most. He sold our house.

We moved to a new apartment and our financial situation only worsened. However, my dad didn’t compromise on our studies and sent us to the best schools and universities. I grew up and became a successful banker and my brother and sisters entered into good fields as well.

As I am the eldest among our siblings and my father used to share the problems and worries with me. I have learned a lot from him and the sole reason of my success is my father. In between our conversations, I observed that he misses our old home. He has grown old now but I can feel that he had his roots in that house and he really wants it back.

So, I requested my bank to grant a second mortgage to me so I can get our house back. In addition to the money that I got from them, I also gathered up some amount from my brothers and sisters and used that money to buy our house back.

We gave a surprise to our parents on their 50th wedding anniversary and gifted that house to them. I can’t express the happiness I saw in their eyes that day. The happiness that we see in the eyes of our parents because of us gives a feeling that is actually out of this world.

Now I see him as a satisfied and a happy old man. We usually spend our evenings walking out there at the sea side. The place reminds me of the memories that we built up in our old, very own priceless and matchless home.


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